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Registries on FHIR Session Agenda
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Working Session – Registries on FHIR

PCPI Spring Conference, Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City, Arlington, VA

Agenda: Monday, March 19, 2018


Salon II


Welcome & Session Opening Keynote

Doug Fridsma, MD
President and CEO, American Medical Informatics Association

Co-chair, NQRN Interoperability Work Group


Introduction and why we are working on interoperability



Salon II










AM plenary

Introduction to Registries on FHIR and Environmental Scan


What is Registries on FHIR

Seth Blumenthal, MBA, Director, Data and Innovation, PCPI


The healthcare interoperability landscape and how the work of Registries on FHIR will contribute.

Julia Skapik, MD, MPH

Chief Health Information Officer, Cognitive Medical Systems



Moderated by Chrystal Price, MS, Registry Program Manager, PCPI


Salon II


30 min







AM plenary

Registry Interoperability: Opportunities


Taking interoperability from concept to implementation and success              


James Tcheng, MD

Duke University School of Medicine, Duke Clinical Research Institute Chair, Informatics & GUDID Work Group, MDEpiNET




Moderated by Seth Blumenthal


10:45 am Networking break


Salon II

Introduction to the Registries on FHIR Common Clinical Data Set and Breakout Session Goals


James Tcheng, MD


What are we looking for from today's sessions? How should we work together today to construct the rationale for why registry stewards and others ought to be participating in Registries on FHIR and implementing a common clinical dataset in registries?



Breakout Sessions

The Registries on FHIR Common Clinical Data Set

Facilitated by NQRN Interoperability Work Group members


Salon II

1. Marketing & governance – Leads: Steve Bratt, PhD, Mitre Corporation, Rebecca Wilgus, Duke Clinical Research Institute


Who should attend:

Decision makers. What do we need to do at governance level to engage to get the message?

What information is needed so we can give an executive summary aimed at registry stewards and other organizations?


Session goals:

Come up with ideas for governance as well as information needed to help recruit participants for a Registries on FHIR implementation pilot in 2018


Plaza B 

2. ImplementationLeads: Anita Walden, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Co-Chair, HL7 Clinical Interoperability Council Work Group, and AbdulMalik Shakir, Hi3 Solutions


Who should attend:

Those involved or interested in influencing the process by which these standards will be developed and made available for use.


Session goals:

Review the process steps to implement the standards in registries and EHRs, and then to make them available for others to use


Plaza D               

3. Clinical content developmentJames Tcheng, MD, Susan Matney


Who should attend:

Clinicians, others interested in influencing clinical content for these standards


Session goals:

Review a draft set of Registries on FHIR common data elements.



Salon III


Working Lunch






Breakout Sessions, cont.


1. Marketing & governance - Salon II

2. Implementation - Plaza B

3. Clinical content development - Plaza D














Breakout Session Summaries


Moderator: Seth Blumenthal


Group Leader Reports:

(30min each for report & discussion)


1. Marketing & governance – Steve Bratt and Rebecca Wilgus

2. Implementation – Anita Walden and AbdulMalik Shakir

3. Clinical content development – James Tcheng, MD and Susan Matney, PhD, RNC-OB, Medical Informaticist, Intermountain Healthcare


What’s next, what to take back to your organizations on how we’re going to be partners on this journey




Session Closing Remarks

Doug Fridsma, MD


*Program details subject to change